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Christmas Season

November 22, 2009
By NoRulesJustWrite PLATINUM, Ada, Michigan
NoRulesJustWrite PLATINUM, Ada, Michigan
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Stay happy, stay weird, and don't let anyone take away your smile.

I never had the guts to say these things
And I’m not known as one who can sing
So, writing is all I have left to give
Without it, I may not be able to live.
These days, life means something more,
Always an adventure, never a bore.
Even when we can’t find the words to say,
We understand each other in every way.
I’ve never felt this way before,
The feeling carries deep into my core.
It stays there, holding on tight,
Making my heart jump whenever you’re in sight.
I can’t explain it, it’s like nothing else
Like knocking down all the bottles off of the shelves.
All of my worries seem to disappear
Any time that you are near.
Your smile brightens up my whole day
That alone, makes everything okay.
Your laugh is so contagious,
Like a new song, it’s outrageous.
Sticking in my mind all day long,
You are so much better than any catchy song.
So, you’re on repeat inside of my head
Until I see you next, and smile instead.
You’ve given me hope, joy, and reason
Every day with you feels like Christmas season.

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