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A World Set On Fire

November 20, 2009
By kandeekaine SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
kandeekaine SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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A world set on fire
Not by not by love or passion
Not by intoxicating emotions flying high
But rather, a world set on fire by fear
A fear for our loved ones walking the bustling streets of New York City on that one faithful day September 11, 2001

A day that follows the same saying that our great president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, said in 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor
A saying that still reverberates its messages through the history books of our youth
“A day which will live in infamy”
Much like the Attack on Pearl Harbor it was an attack by a foreign people

An attack that once again set our worlds on fire, both physical and emotional
An attack that was all too real to by a pigment of our imaginations
An attack that would impact us for generations to come
An attack that brought our great country closer together

It taught us how to reach out to others in need of help when we didn’t even know them
It showed us how many countless troops were willing to gamble their lives away in the returning
payment of our safety
A safety that they knew they may never see
A safety that was greatly needed in such a time
A time that was short lived but has a memory that will be stretched out for what seems like forever

Our world was set on fire when The Twin Towers where lit by red flame at 8:45 in the morning
If you had no clue the significance of this event
If you where just a passerby to our world it would have looked spectacular
A sun of luminous silver and siren red making its grand exit out of the world in the backdrop of a sky so
Blue, so vibrant, it looked as if it was the very center of the world’s brightest sapphire

On that day a new dawn came
A dawn of new strength
A dawn of new hope
A dawn that reminded America something that we needed to be reminded
No matter what happens it will always make us better
Because like on September 11 no matter how many brave souls are sacrificed to the powers that be
We will always come out stronger, better and together.

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