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My Life As A Cloud

November 20, 2009
By I.Am.Me. SILVER, White Plains, New York
I.Am.Me. SILVER, White Plains, New York
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I am drops of tiny light silver rain pellets,
Trapped inside the puffs of white,
I have formed around myself.

I am a dark heavy cloud,
Bursting with new grey information,
That nobody wants to hear.

I try to hold myself together,
even through the toughest humidity.
But occasionally I just become so full of feeling and astral emotion,
That I become so heavy,
I start to sink,
And I accidentally let a little to much of myself out.

I watch my friend the sun shine with her beauty that everyone worships.
How is it fair that she be born so elegant?
No flaws, always smiling and making others grin with her rays of conviviality.

When I try to shine and accidentally block her view,
everyone goes away.
I am a nuisance.
Sometimes I am so mouldin,
I sink into abysmal.
My heart is as heavy as a brick,
And just breaks down into an ocean of tears,
Drenching the world.
Everyone seems not to care about me,
But they don't even really understand me.
I never ask for anything,
But I'm not sure if running from ones innocence would make any cloud feel very good.

Even when I can't stand it anymore and I drown out the sky,
In curses and swollen eyes,
I don't mean to hurt anyone.
When I'm fed up with the same pattern of hatred,
I drift off to a new village.

Often enough there are certain people who stay out in the hardest days,
and comfort me,
Giving my tears shoulders to lean on.
I enjoy watching their smiles and laughs.

Then there are those who snub my face with circular sky shields,
And run from me in their detestable manner.
Those people I tend to vear from.
When I meet people like that,
I usually float to a knew place to search for new hope.
Simultaneously sublimating while time keeps moving through the constant ticking of life..





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