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Faded Rainbows

November 16, 2009
By daisy:) SILVER, Russellville, Kentucky
daisy:) SILVER, Russellville, Kentucky
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I see a crystal dusk
And cows gathering their young
A gravel drive—worn by time
With stories, silent stories
That the world will never know

I hear the forlorn low of a bull
Calling in the thunder
The night
The rain
And baby birds beckon their mothers
With dependent songs

I smell the distant rain
Far off by now
But clinging to the air around me
Like a cotton blanket

A plane moans overhead
A pickup rages into life
My cell phone trembles in my pocket
And reality sends muddy footprints
Down the path
Toward home

The author's comments:
Sitting in the back of Dad's pickup truck I saw all of this... it made me want to write.

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