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Dear World

November 16, 2009
By lindseymarie SILVER, Richfield, Minnesota
lindseymarie SILVER, Richfield, Minnesota
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Dear World,
I cannot promise you much,
but what I can promise you
is this:
You will not lose much...
You will not lose a pretty face
they are yours in all abundance.
You will not lose a brave heart
they will stand by you forever.
You will not lose a fair soul
the purest are amoung you.
You will not lose a strong body
they will work for you unending.
You will not lose a useful mind
they will prove their wits for you alone.
You will not lose anything worth keeping
your best will stand by you
until the end.

Dear, Cruel, World
I cannot promise you much
but what I can promise you
is this:
You will not lose much...
You will lose a downturned face
burned red and scorned from death.
You will lose a broken heart
torn down, and shred to nothing
You will lose a lonely soul
that never glimpsed the sight of love.
You will lose a weak body
scarred by all their words and stones.
You will lose a feeble mind
pulled apart from the pain
from feeling nothing.
You will lose nothing worth keeping
the worthless are being thrown away.
You will not lose much
So it's best you forget before you've remembered
that all you've lost
is me.

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on Nov. 26 2011 at 4:58 pm
Grania PLATINUM, Portland, Maine
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This is beautiful. I always love your posts. :)