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i still see his face

November 4, 2009
By Laura_Carlie_Marie BRONZE, Salina, Oklahoma
Laura_Carlie_Marie BRONZE, Salina, Oklahoma
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Don't fall for someone unless they are willing to catch you.

I still see his face when i close my eyes at night, and when I have to much time on my hands, I
always find my mind wondering to him.
I still see his dark brown eyes, that are deep and warm, like the first time he kissed me.
How he told me it would be okay, how many times held me in his arms.
He doesn't know I still love him.
It's been months since he's held my hand.
And yet, I still see his face when i close my eyes, telling me to keep going on without him.
And I know he's still out there. Just down the road, but still, i can't have him for myself.
It just makes it so much harder that i see him everyday. We can't even look eachother in the eyes.
I don't think he know's i still love him.
It feels like it's been years since he's held my hand.
But still, i see his face,
every morning when i get on the bus,
everytime i come out of geometry class,
everytime we meet in the hallway,
and when i close my eyes.
I want to reach out and stroke his brown hair,
I want to reach out and touch his perfect features of his beautiful face,
but i can't.
I can't touch him. I can't tell him it will be okay. I know i can't tell him i love him.
Even though my heart aches too.
But i still see his face.

The author's comments:
this is about the first guy i fell in love with. as you can tell, i'm still in love with him.

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