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November 2, 2009
By PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

Please notice my new style hair, is that all you notice my underwear.
Please say you love me first, you really have to guess that’s the worst.
Please ask to cuddle; do I have to be so suddle?
Please remember when we started to date, why do you have excuses when you’re always late?
Please don’t ever lie, with me why would you sigh?
Please don’t say you wanna die, you feel dead inside oh my.
Please do something for me, I’m hot is that all you see?
Please don’t kiss her; I get jealous more and more.
Please stop when I say no, the real you is what I want you to show.
Please do I have to say hold my hand, no I don’t mind if we lay in the sand.
Please do I have to make every move; sometimes it’s good to be a little smooth.
Please let’s have just a little romance; faced with love I’d want you to hold your stance.
Please don’t break my heart; no I would never want us to part.
Please care about more than just pleasure; I’d want to sit with you in love forever.
Please don’t be rude to my parents; to touch me there yes you need clearance.
Please don’t feel real sad, I don’t want you to feel bad.
Please let me know you’re alright, I always smile when you’re in my sight.
Please let’s not fight; I’d want to be with you every night.
Please don’t always be serious; it’s ok to be a little mysterious.
Please don’t yell, I wished you helped me up when I fell.
Please don’t force me to do anything; I know you want me to do everything.
Please see what I mean, please let my personality be seen. If only you were a girl, boy you would really twirl. If only you could understand, boys will never know were girls stand. If only boys could be girls for just one day, then they would have nothing to say…

The author's comments:
Haha, okay this is one of my more unusual poems. I am not a girl or wish to be one nor am I a transexual or any of that. I am a boy who wrote this because sometimes or most of the time girls feel like guys will never understand them so I wrote this peace trying to understand just a little of what girls feel. keep in mind that these are my own opions and/or guesses on how girls feel sometimes. Also, if I affened ANY girls in the prosses of writing this I am deepy sorry. Injoy...

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