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October 31, 2009
By freakgirl98259 GOLD, Ware, Massachusetts
freakgirl98259 GOLD, Ware, Massachusetts
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"look at you, miserable fool get of your knees and your prayes fall apart god has turned his back on you hevens gates are shut and now your knocking on the devils door"

sweet little baby
so innocent
so small
with tiny hands
always grasping
always reaching
sweet little baby
with bright blue eyes
watching, waiting
with wonder inside
sweet little baby
with warm loving smiles
to illuminate the darkness
sweet little baby
so perfect
so loved
only god could gift
sweet little baby
so innocent
so small
who rode to us
on angles wings
sweet little baby
growing to a boy
far to fast
before our eyes
sweet little Damon
never forget
you are loved

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