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October 31, 2009
By Abbyy GOLD, Shanghai, Other
Abbyy GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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Just sit there
that’s right
on that side
right there
have a cookie
drink some pop
watch the tv

Oh, look
war in those countries
problems in those
disease and poverty
pollution and corruption
disasters and…
isn’t that your favorite cartoon?
did you see that?
isn’t that hilarious?

oh, where were we?
oh yes, some world problems
well, even if we did help
what good would it do?
it would never be fair
someone would always
have the shorter stick

what do you mean
when you ask…
then why do people help?
all I know is that
its pointless really
even if I did have the energy to help
what good would it do
would it really make a difference?
switch channels please

oh, he is such a good actor
wouldn’t it be divine if we could meet him one day?
what are you saying?
didn’t we just go over this?
sure, I’m being apathetic
but do you really believe anything we do really helps?
yes, yes
the ocean would be less because of that one drop

pass the chips
you are starting to irk me
I am not conforming to society
I’m not scared into inaction by… action?
what does that mean?
what about that?
during the Holocaust, people just couldn’t help
who knew what would happen?
they would probably have been killed too

no, I am not saying that we shouldn’t do anything
but I’m saying…
what good will it do?
turn up the volume, would you?

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