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Here I Am

October 27, 2009
By BridgetD96 SILVER, Southbury, Connecticut
BridgetD96 SILVER, Southbury, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
Life can stop.
Just as long as the music keeps playing,
I won't notice a thing.

Here I Am,
Take the chance,
To merely glance
My way?

Here I am.
Do you see
How much
I’ve changed?

Or are you
To busy
To think
About me?

You’ve told me
I overanalyze
Every little

How could you
Let it all go
In a moment?
A second?

Here I am,
You know it.
I have a right
To do this.

I don’t have
To play by
Your rules

You’ve been gone
And I’m still breathing.
Hey, is that
Here I am.
Take me or not.
Ignore me,
Everything you’ve got

I can make it,
Yeah, I can.
But until then…
Here I am.

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