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Fly away.

October 22, 2009
By Andrea Morris GOLD, Waynesboro, Virginia
Andrea Morris GOLD, Waynesboro, Virginia
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I watched you take her wings.
So far away, she couldn't fly away.
I watched you make her cry.
But she wouldn't walk away,
No, she wouldn't walk away.
I watched you break her heart.
But she was already part of you.
She wouldn't walk away.
She still couldn't get away.
You blame her for your pain.
But it's because you walked away.
Yes, boy you walked away.
You had the world at your feet.
But it was you who walked away.
No, she couldn't make you stay.
So, just like me, you left her alone.
I see why she couldn't walk away.
I didn't walk away.
But I've been done, so done with you.
I have flown away.
So far away.
I will help her mend her wings again.
The ones you took away.
So very far away.
I will stich them 'till my fingers bleed.
So she can fly away.
She can finally fly away.

The author's comments:
My ex boyfriend has a way with making girls feel pressured to stay with him, but after they leave it's a relief. And he was dating this girl after he and I broke up and I new exactly how she felt. I new she wanted, so badly, to let go.

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