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words like knives

October 22, 2009
By Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
Kaitt PLATINUM, Petersburg, Virginia
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You don’t ever ask for promises

You only want my honesty

I can’t always come through for you

Trust dwindles

Falling down an empty drain

My heart fails me

My words mean nothing to you

Just give me time to prove

Prove I want the rest of yours

Your words

All they do is cut me through

I can never give you what you want

You’re as sick as the words you speak

And baby you make breaking hearts look so easy

This night is still young

And so are we

Good and evil are just your imaginary friends


I’m not who you thought I was

Let me tell you more about the lies I live

I need change I can’t resist

But resist the change, I do

I’ll play the role with a good girl heart

I’ll say it tonight

I’ll say it forever

I heard a pin drop and a nervous heartbeat

I think I like today

It’s something I can’t wrap my mind around

But let me get this straight

Now you loved me all along?

What made you hesitate?

To tell me words you really feel

Thoughts they change

With time, rearrange

I don’t know who you are anymore

But I must confess

You are so much less than I remember

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything

And you fell hard

We are the last of the sleepless ones

Were we always just your lost caused mistake?

You’re forgotten, lost, and left behind

Oh how I wish you would just DISSAPEAR

If you don’t

I might myself

Just disappear

But for me it’s like trying to turn around on a one way street

This town’s not big enough for the two of us

So disappear

Because home is where the heart is

And my heart is in this home

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