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I too am a Pessimist/Optimist

October 26, 2009
By Majora SILVER, Eugene, Missouri
Majora SILVER, Eugene, Missouri
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Life gives meaning to the Universe. And thus the meaning of life is to give meaning to everything.


I, too, am a Pessimist/Optimist

I, too, am a pessimist.
A negativist.
A doubter.
I, too, am an optimist
A positivist.
A believer.

I can see both aspects the good and bad.
The mean and sad.
The content and glad.
I have two sides one gloom and glum.
The other side happy and fun.

I tend to dislike my darker side.
Although it speaks more sense
For the other side is too presumptuous.

I am scared of my half brother.
He can be rage.
He can be malice.
The other brother can love.
and feel,
and cherish.

Although I have two faces
They in a way collaborate
Helping each other compensate.
And by no means be too much or too least.

By: Gregory

The author's comments:
This piece was an assignment for an 8th grade creative writing class. The teacher told us to write about anything we felt like and there was little inspiration. More of spontaneous writing than anything...

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