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The People of America

October 26, 2009
By writer4christ SILVER, New Oxford, Pennsylvania
writer4christ SILVER, New Oxford, Pennsylvania
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The people of America
Hidden in the shadows
They don’t want to be seen
Because they know that they’re alone
And that’s only because of the choices they made

The criminals of America
Running from the cops
They don’t want to be caught
Because they can’t be taken away again
Away to a place that’s worse than death

The homeless of America
Crying on a park bench
They just want a warm home
But they know that they must stay
Right where they are because they can’t afford a real life

The dying of America
Slipping away on a hospital bed
They just want to get up and leave
Because someone is waiting for them at home
But they know their time is up and sleep is better than pain

The forgotten of America
Staring at blank walls alone
They wish that someone would love them
Because who wants to be left in the cold
But at times it’s easier to just close your eyes

The hungry of America
Shaking and shivering from starvation
They try to hold off one more day
But food is always a thought on their mind
Because a body can only forget for so long

The desperate of America
Walking the streets time and time again
They think it’s what they have to do
Because it’s the only life they’ve ever known
And it’s better than nothing at all

The people of America
Trying to live through each day
They trust that every day will have a rising sun
But their hopes and dreams can only go so far
Because America can’t be everything they hoped for

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