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Hard to Figure Out??

October 26, 2009
By LuckieMistake PLATINUM, Florence, Colorado
LuckieMistake PLATINUM, Florence, Colorado
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"What doesn't kill me only, will make me stronger in my head..." Papa Roach, Kick In The Teeth

Am I really so hard?
Hard to understand?
That complex?
Too complex for you to understand?
Okay, here I’ll lay it out for you
I’m a girl
I’m not like most girls
I have feelings
I’m not a one night stand
Not a slut,
Or anything like that
People may look at me that way,
But I’m not that way
Can’t they see?
Can’t they understand?
No they can’t
No one can understand me
I’m too much for them to handle,
With my constant mood swings,
That my mother calls depression
I don’t believe them
They don’t know me
I know me
I know me better than anyone ever has or ever will
I’m not so hard to figure out though
There’s just a few tight knots,
Then I unwind myself
That’s not too hard,
Now is it?
I’m not that hard,
Hard to figure out

The author's comments:
This is basicly how I actually veiw how people look at me. I don't know why people judge me the way they do all I know is how they judge me. Most people at my school think I'm a cutter but I'm not and I'm waiting to see when they'll figure that out.

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on May. 3 2010 at 10:12 am
Jade-McKaye SILVER, West Jordan, Utah
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what happened to a dream?

this is really good, the emotion put into it is definitely there. i think if you chose words that flowed together a little easier, and that showed a little more passion or what ever emotion that is trying to be set into place, would make this an absolutely vivid piece of work. you clearly have amazing potential.