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October 21, 2009
By mutekid016 GOLD, Gap, Pennsylvania
mutekid016 GOLD, Gap, Pennsylvania
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A new sensation
I fall
You fall
We all fall
Like Dr. Seuss
Dropping out of life
Forgetting our strife
Leaving all my problems
Flying high on air
Like the clouds that pass by
Or the sun that shines in the sky
Like a candle on water
I’m falling down these falls.
Going to crash and burn
Is this the only option?

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write my poem where just little issues and problems that created a snowball effect on my life. What do you get from it?

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M. said...
on Jul. 25 2011 at 10:08 pm
good stuff

on Dec. 1 2009 at 8:23 am
Sarabi_The_Great BRONZE, Atglen, Pennsylvania
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Love the comparison to Dr. Seuss! :p Makes me laugh...even though the poem itself is pretty serious. I like the style. Write on!

on Oct. 29 2009 at 1:24 pm
Bookwryme BRONZE, Paradox Lake, New York
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"Nothing Gold can stay" By robert frost

nice descritoin. I feel likeI can relelate to it .