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An ache For His Love

October 15, 2009
By PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

I reached across that natural urge and was sorely tempted to stop. With the wind lightly brushing along my cheekbone I turned and walked away. I stared after the flower petals until they were gone. The rest of the day ended up with lies coming more naturally than usual, I realized with surprise. The mental image came to me like a warning instinct quickly before I could say anything. Oh how I earn for his touch, his smile, his lips on mine, his sweet words whispering in my ear. I knew that if these feelings had disappeared now, nothing else would matter to me. My world would become empty except for the feeling of despair that will linger on and on controling me and destroying me. When the relationship had finally ended I dwelled on the last thought, concentrating instead of trying to forget.

“With you, only with you,”he promised. I’m going to fail in making that one piece of him close and become locked away deep inside my heart. I knew…and he sensed that we couldn’t continue to balance, as it did, on the point of a blade. We had fallen off one edge, I was committed to seeing through my chosen decision of him, but I just started to cry and I lost that feeling of contentment. In the end a terrifying and excrutiating thought had surfaced which was the thought of turning away from him. I couldn’t honestly say that I could unlock and open the door to my heart by myself. I saw his love as the key to the ignition of my heart. I once started to believe that nothing was impossible for him. With thoughts of tomarrow preoccupying my mind I lost focus of what’s happening. I carefully retrieved a few thoughts of him from the back of my subconscious believing that I would not cry again if I did so. I shook my head with tears falling thinking that I was proved wrong, which slowly made me yearn for his comfort. I flashed a dark look at all who stared. I waited for the fear to hit me after he left without another word. All I could seem to feel was an ache for his love…

The author's comments:
I love girls but one day a boy kissed me one the lips and....I kissed him back, I still LOVE girls but I think guys are okay to, so I worte this.

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