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The Dance

September 30, 2009
By SurvivoroftheWorld GOLD, Malvern, Pennsylvania
SurvivoroftheWorld GOLD, Malvern, Pennsylvania
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Hear the music
Hear the laughter
Hear the stories told
Hear about love and happiness
Watch as they dance, spin, and twirl
Look at the colors, the smiling faces, the joy
They go about as if nothing bad has ever existed
As if joy and love is all they have known
As if everything that has ever been made was made for the sole purpose of pleasure
What about me, why I am stuck in a colorless world with only my sad thoughts to placate my mind
What have I done, what can I do?
A smile creeps onto my lips as I watch the scene
But then quickly vanishes as I realize that will never be me
I shall never join the colorful world
I do not deserve this.
I am here behind the wall
Forever stuck
To come out
Unnoticed, unseen, not concerned about
I cry and weep as I watch the scene
Placing my hands on the cool barrier that blocks me from entering this world
I scream I cry “Help me, save me”
But my pleads go unnoticed, unseen, not concerned about
Am I ignored or Am I just oblivious to them
A face turn towards mine
I cry I plead “help me, save me”
He frowns and then whispers
“Only you can destroy the wall, only you can save yourself”
He turns away and continues to dance
What does this mean?
Is it my fault I am here?
Did I put myself here from my own sadness and my low sense of worth?
Maybe I am worth it
I too can enjoy the music, the love, the colors
No longer my black world, this is not me
I place my hands onto the cool barrier once again
My fingers stretch and my mind races
I do belong
My hands fall, for what was once there is not
The barrier is gone
I look down and I see color
The man stretches out his hands
And asks me to dance
A tear slides down my cheek
For once because of joy and not sorrow
I fly across the room
Colors and smiles blur together
I am seen, I am heard, I am concerned about
“This is me” I think
This is what I will be

The author's comments:
I wrote this in about ten minutes and I wanted to see what everyone thought...
Please comment! They mean a lot to me!

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