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October 7, 2009
By Mizotron GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
Mizotron GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
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I sat in the corner of the room,
Homping someone would notice me,

I see you, coming towards me and I'm,
you stop and talk to friends not seeing me.

I'm alone and no one cares,
I dont't matter to them

I'm still waiting for that one person to come along,
Still the person to be my savior has not arrived.

I see another person coming to me,
His hand extends toward me.

I go with him and we are,
This person is my savior.

He is my savior,
my savior
The first to notice me

My one and only
True Savior

The author's comments:
This is for those who are alone out there, keep waiting, ur savior will come, if uve given up then get off your butt and find someone, maybe even you can be the savior of someone else, where you were one needing to be saved urself or not.

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