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Night Air

October 7, 2009
By Mizotron GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
Mizotron GOLD, Ashburn, Virginia
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Sitting silently underneath the stars,
It looks at the planet Mars.
In fact it looks everywhere,
As it floats throughout the air.
It is alone, from dusk till dawn,
Till it might see a baby fawn.
It drifts through many places,
rarely seeing any faces,
unless it comes to a city,
Having no sleep at all during the night, what a pity.
I must say, it is only fair,
"I hate the city," said the cool night air.

The author's comments:
This should relax you by making you think about the night air and its soft breezes. Let the words flow harminously though your brain and relax your mind and body.

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