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October 4, 2009
By PinkPrincess GOLD, Wellington, Florida
PinkPrincess GOLD, Wellington, Florida
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I think therefore I am

My heart is hammering away inside my chest. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump. Endless adrenaline flowing through my veins.
The feeling I can't quite wrap my head around, but is all too well known is still fresh in my mind.
Enveloping every word or thought that pops up in sight. Taking over, I'm losing control.
Swamping me, washing me and everything that leads to me. Out.
Mind control? Mind imploding? Mind overload?
I know it, the word, is on the tip of my tongue, it's escaping me, my still conscious mind, and the world.
Uh, there it goes. Lost it again.
Oh well.
Better luck next time.

The author's comments:
um i was sitting on my bed with the first two stanzas of this "poem" and i just started writing whatever came to mind and when i was done i read it over and i thought "what the hell"? but by that time it was too late i started to like it, because it's totally confusing and you can put whatever meaning you want to it.

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