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Distance Between

October 2, 2009
By Haley Burgess BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
Haley Burgess BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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An uncolored sky, one without a bright sun,
Miles it glides into the crest, until it is done.
And in the dull endless azure, a sun replaces the gray with blues,
The large sphere becomes a pallet of yellow hues.

Upon the ground flowers begin to grow,
Shades of purple and ruby red below.
Energy is taken within, the sun stays,
And seeds in the deep soil thrive and raise.

Though, the dawn comes, the sun begins to fade.
The colors in the sky lose their glorious shade.
The flowers remain firmly in the ground through the night.
The sky becomes deprived of light.

The sun and flowers are far apart,
Though, the sunlight makes the flowers works of art.
Without the sun, even though in another zone,
The amethyst flower would have never grown.

For the flowers, the sun was close below,
Thus eternal happiness did forever glow.
For the sun, the artwork it did tend,
Whose life it did transcend.

A great distance between two objects is accountable,
Though, this long separation is surmountable.
Life, far and near, can remain serene,
Even with a distance between.

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