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Piano Player

September 23, 2009
By i-am-nicole-ashley GOLD, Hutchinson, Minnesota
i-am-nicole-ashley GOLD, Hutchinson, Minnesota
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The sea of faces floods this little place
But one sticks out
One alone the rest fade away
The piano player
His pale fingers merely glide from
Ivory key to black key back to ivory key
His fingers moving at incomprehensible speed as the float
Making the piano cry out in beautiful song

Suddenly I'm standing right next to him
Watching his pale stained white fingers dance
When I looked up at his face
His bright eyes were staring at my wondrous gaze
He never looked down at the
Keys he was playing, only my eyes
His curious blank face turned into
Such beautiful happiness…he smiled
I'm not even sure if I smiled back
I was too full of…something’s to know

When I put my finger on the
Key next to the one he was making sing
The sound clashed and broke the melody

At once the sea was back
We were no longer alone
Instead surrounded
Our eyes fell and he stopped playing
And I stopped watching
Everything was back to as it was before
Love replaced by it’s usually hate

Though I had the urge to
Pull him back the piano
To hear that song and just stare into
His eyes and forget the world
I just stood there and so did he
One remembrance glance and
Then walk way
Nothing left

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