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On Hold

September 22, 2009
By jessie-w GOLD, Winnemucca, Nevada
jessie-w GOLD, Winnemucca, Nevada
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To lose is inconceivable. Everyone wins in some way. You just have to push forward and leave the wreckage behind.

Throughout life nothing I ever wish would've happened, ever happens. Boys are always hurting me, or using me. I get told they love me and then go and stab me in the back. I once wrote that love resembled a battlefield, but in truth it is a battlefield. There is no armor to protect your heart. You just put yourself on the line and hope not to be shot down. I always seem to get shot down and beaten in my last dying breath as again I'm put on hold. Heartache is all I'll ever know it seems. I don't let them know that they have hurt me, but somehow it still seems to show.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I fall hard, and sometimes it's just almost more than you can take to get back up and try again.

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