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The Seed of Friendship

September 12, 2009
By Amanda deBerardinis GOLD, San Diego, California
Amanda deBerardinis GOLD, San Diego, California
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Friendship is a seed
Planted in moist fertile soil
Indispensable firm roots
Natural nourishing nutrients
Give it strength to grow
Tall and proud
Into a blossoming flower
Its fragrant beauty swaying gently in the breeze
Planted firmly in the earth
Mutual bonds unbroken
Withstanding fierce frozen winters
Unshattered by wild gusts of storm winds
And hail beating down upon its fragile spine
Yet never withering away
Until the last warm rays of sunshine fade away
When death creeps up on it
From the shadows
Petals drooping over
Life sucked from its soul
Living an everlasting golden life
Inspiring and unforgotten
Cherished through its gentle hour
Of frosty death

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