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our downs

September 14, 2009
By LadyLove0615 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
LadyLove0615 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I know we have are arguments.

I know we've said some words.

But we both know that's not what we meant.

Only what we heard.

I know I have my moments, but you know you have your times.

We both know we'll get over it in a hour and be fine.

I know that i call you out, and you don't hesitate to come.

Compared to other couples i think we're more angry than some.

I know i said i hate you, and then you said it to.

But i didn't mean it and neither did you.

I know we may scream,yell, and fight.

But i still sleep in your arms at night.

I know are love may not be perfect.

But I think Forever&Always will always be Worth it.

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