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The Gliding Ocean Master

May 22, 2023
By JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
JustinHammond GOLD, Wilimington, Delaware
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The Ocean

Gleaming and clear like the sky, 

my friends and I, grandly thought, 


Perfect for jumping over the river like a god. 

Jumping? No, that sounded too foul!

Or was it a foul ball? 

No, it was neither of those things, a foul ball wasn’t possible

“Foul ball!”

Foul and nearly as damning against the fun,

Would it be fun? Or fun, fun fun? 

Foul fun?

Two f’s in one! 

No, I would be gliding across the world in fun

Gliding across fun, in the ocean! 


Beginning to plan the foul walk of waves

Like a real fine 409 

Driven with pennies saved, enthusiasm displayed undergoing god’s ways, 

Firstly, although waves extend to the shore

I reach for the sky, and gripping the plastic, 

Slightly jostled with

 a hurriedly horrendous reluctant cheer

simply erupting from my soul 

All before the jump!

Almost flipping through the air, I waved my arms and legs 

Before I was swallowed by the sea! 

The ocean’s other men, waited and polluted my ears

with unwanted teasing

Crowning me the Ocean Master

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