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March 21, 2023
By Anonymous

I swore I wouldn't be the jealous type

I'm the cool, composed kind of guy

But did you really have to tease her the same way you tease me?

couldn't you just keep those eyes on me

And I know what you'll say - it's all okay

relax a little - boy I would if I wasn't so belittled

But you're creeping closer to her

your breaths in a symphony

she spins and she laughs

you smile and look at her eyes

My eyes squeeze shut, it's just too much  

And then you were supposed to be mine

But with you two there's just no lines

There's inches between you  and my breath has gone away

I know we didn't promise but I thought you'd stay with the cliche

I thought it was implicit 

For you not to wander away

I'm not a f*cking medicine

To take when you want to feel okay

And if she would have you would you run back to her

and i'd be crying at the beach

while you run off to the horizon

hand in hand, oh god , this was not the plan

I don't like you two, not together not alone

But your love is cheap and god I'm broke

so easy to buy so easy to sell

you're too dumb to understand how it feels

you think emotions can be solved 

here's a solution

don't ever let anything go wrong

and i'll be fine

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