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Sweet And Simple

February 28, 2023
By Suzie01 GOLD, Springfield, Massachusetts
Suzie01 GOLD, Springfield, Massachusetts
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Why do you look my way, 
Never really seeing me?
Who I am and what I do,
All my thoughts and dreams
Are they important to you?
Is my whole damn personality?

Why do you look my way,
But never do anything
You say nothing to me all day
It's like all you do is look
Will you please just stay?
Let me read you like an open book?

Why do you look my way
When it's so obviously hard
To tell me that you like me,
Even in just a goddamn card?
When you know I see you staring
Do I catch you off guard?

Why do you look my way?
Turn your head at all?
I've never been looked at twice
In my whole damn life
Do you think I'm pretty?
Do you like how I am small?

Why do you look my way?
Interested in a girl like me?
With problems farther than you can see?
Issues as plain as day?
Do you even comprehend,
You've never even tried to be my friend?

Do you even realize
The way you make me feel?
How I wish to look into your eyes?
To believe that maybe love is real?

When you look my way
I don't know what to say
Just the very thought of you
Takes my breath away

When you look my way
I soon hope that one day
You will be able to say
That you really like me too
I'd like something maybe a little bolder
Like a sweet, simple "I love you."

The author's comments:

When you feel like your crush likes you back

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