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January 31, 2023
By divinefly BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
divinefly BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"I am the eggman/We are the eggmen" - John Lennon

We met amongst park benches,

where people came to
remember what breathing was like

and the pigeons were pedestrians.

The skyscrapers stained the sky

in sepia tone and window reflections

And trees left their little

pointillist doodles on the grass

in yellow Rorschach blotches.

I saw


(I never was a romantic.

You know that. I know that

because you told me.)

You told me it was good luck

to see a black squirrel and

I was happy to have discovered

a new thing of beauty.

You told me it was warm out

but when I stared at you through the pond,

our eyes did not meet

Because though you were looking toward me

you were busy admiring the sky.

I wondered if the wind tricked the clouds

and told them they were free from gravity. But I wouldn’t know, I’m just

Planet 9 in Galaxy You,

where stars left their little

pointillist doodles in chalk,

and I made rounds in infinite nothing

around the park.

I shivered for it was cold up here.

When being was a heavy thing,

your words were paper starships

sailing out to sea

With secret nothings written in the folds

and I could just be happy

to be alive

like the grass.

The author's comments:

This one is about people I love: dead, alive, family, friends, what have you. I tried to convey the feelings of admiration and overwhelming respect I have for them, as well as why I love them and how it makes me feel. It takes place in Central Park because I am a New Yorker and all we do is talk about New York.

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