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January 16, 2023
By magabu256 BRONZE, Kampala, Other
magabu256 BRONZE, Kampala, Other
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Can his voice anybody hear?

his pain can you feel,

all the tears he has cried

how he has tried

looking for a way out

to see a glimpse of light


He's still locked away,

his fingers he has snapped

to see if its a dream

in a box he's still trapped.


That happy face mask he has put on

no one knows he's trapped in sadness all alone.

He fights for his voice to be heard

but it's all in vain and that makes him feel pain.


No one gets what he feels

he wishes he had that zeal

still trapped and nowhere to flee

He's about to choke because he cant breathe

He needs that one thing a person gives.


He needs love but that he cannot have

We cant set him free, hell never know

He's still trapped until someone hears his voice.

He's still trapped and has no choice.

The author's comments:

I have compared this poem to being trapped in a box. This box can be your body, your weaknesses that can't allow you to do what you love.

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