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Step Mom from Hell

December 6, 2022
By magabu256 BRONZE, Kampala, Other
magabu256 BRONZE, Kampala, Other
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Why did you leave me mom?

You left me in the hands of a woman I don’t know

Why did dad have to chase you like that

I thought our family bond was unbreakable

Turns out it was a lie


Now all because of you, dad

I’m all alone sad

You go on business trips

And hell breaks loose

The woman I thought

With love would shower me after mom

Turned out to be something

I didn’t expect a woman to be


She always yells

At things so petty

She beats me as if she doesn’t

have children of her own

then there comes the ambulance siren

I call to get treatment she can’t offer

I slid and fell down she lies to the medical officers

Because I am a child, I have no say

I just wish I could make her pay

She makes me cry everyday

I see no peace that comes my way

She says am lazy and I don’t want to work

She doesn’t care of the needs that I lack

She gives me work that is not for my age

I’m like a worker who is given no wage

She calls me names I don’t deserve to be called


Sadly, I’m just a worm

I’ll have to stay in the misery

I’ll have to wear rags

Sleep on the floor

Eat the little scrap that they throw

Until Dad comes home again

 I’ll have to cope with the pain.

The author's comments:

This is the life under their stepmoms, that many kids in Uganda have to go through.

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