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Mine, his, and Ours

December 5, 2022
By EloiseKhouz BRONZE, Cockeysville, Maryland
EloiseKhouz BRONZE, Cockeysville, Maryland
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tell Me that my sins will add up;

God will judge me with the dead.

Earth and Heaven demolished and

mortals righteous- you I presume- 

will achieve celestial glory 

all while I remain ablaze in Hell.

why must He save us from His world?

tell Me ‘daughter, sinning is defeat’, 

one lie, one forbidden kiss,

sickly sweet like eve’s crisp apple,

will result in infinite demise;

who is He to judge Me?

He, who tests us inhumanely

He, who can't defend his people;

he- nay, you- who deserted Me

like a baby in the nile.

who are you to judge Me, father?

the desire to please the unloving god

long since left Me; father tell Us,

why should you save Our world?

The author's comments:

As someone who has grown up in a religious household, I constantly struggle with different interpretations of Christianity and its ability to be flexible in order to fit my needs. In Mine, his, and Ours, I asked the questions I wish I could ask the religious figures in my life in order to explore the true role of Christianity for me. 

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