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21th Century Icarus

November 16, 2022
By Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"You will be found" -Dear Evan Hansen


I think you’re cute

is what I want to say.

But all that comes out is:

It’s nice to see you again!

You smile at me, and I just  




but you can never know that.

You can never know how much you 

make me smile

make me laugh

how much i think about you

none of that.

Even if i wanted to let you know



h o w 

But, yet;

I long to see you 

Your smile is as bright as the stars in the night sky;

Your laugh is as sweet as fresh honey from the hive, 

And you..

You are like the sun

And I, Icarus 


All I want to do is fly

Soar, with my golden wings, to you

Even though I shouldn’t.

Even though I don’t really know you.

Even though Dadeleous says not to.

I don’t care

I ignore those facts 

I love how I feel 

b u r n i n g

when im around you.

I know I’m falling.

I know I’m dying. 

I know I’ll never reach you.

But the fact that I’m

so close

but somehow

never close enough

And yet, 

i still try


The single moment of being with you

was satisfying enough

to the point where I’d

F A L L;


when I leave you.

And I’d do it again

and I will do it again

and I do it again.

Over and over

every time I see you

every. single. time.

No matter how much I 



a c h e 

for you

it doesn’t matter

No matter how far out of reach you are,

no matter how close you may be, 

I can never act how i feel

So, I’m just 

t r a p p e d

forever longing for you.

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on Nov. 19 2022 at 6:43 pm
EmilyTheKiwi PLATINUM, Flemington, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
“Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it's there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It's a wave.

And then it crashes in the shore and it's gone. But the water is still there. The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it's one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it's supposed to be."
-The Good Place

You’ve captured this feeling beautifully. I love your use of italics and bold letters, and the way you formatted the whole poem. It’s wonderful.