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October 17, 2022
By titusk113 SILVER, West Vancouver, Columbia
titusk113 SILVER, West Vancouver, Columbia
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Daily the packages pour in

From all over the world.

Hefty correspondences in thick, official envelopes

Announcing their provenance.

I pore over glossy brochures:

Students smiling in front of ivy infested buildings,

The august imagery creating an aching juxtaposition to

My grim surroundings of crumbling buildings.

I daren’t venture outside my neighborhood.

I need to soar away like the jets that

Nearly scrape my building.

Take me to from whence they came

Daily the letters pour in

From all over the world.

Single sheets in thin, official envelopes

Announcing their provenance

Crumpling and discarding

The gentle, generic rebuffs,

I await the transformative letter

That will surely arrive.

The torrent reduced to a trickle,

I watch with malice as the postman passes by.

Only one letter remains outstanding.

I daren’t open it when it arrives.

The author's comments:

Titus Kim is an avid writer and high school student at Sentinel Secondary in Vancouver, Canada. His work has been published in Rigorous and Hotdish magazine and he has also received multiple awards with the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: namely a national silver medal. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, as well as discovering new movies.

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