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My Friend

September 12, 2022
By Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
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I have a friend named Coley, 

Who was devoted to being a camp counselor, wholly. 

Even though they were similar to a mini camper in height, 

They could still make a fire shine bright.

Riflery was where they had the most fun,

They cherished giving spheels until the day was done.

Coley stayed out later than the bats did,

They were very sneaky at night, almost going off the grid.

In the afternoons, they slept like a cat, 

They'd be the one to sleep through an attacking bobcat.

Coley has a very contagious laugh,

We told jokes a lot; they were one of the funniest staff. 

Anytime something happened, they'd be the first to know,

As the camp’s rumor mill, they may have made rumors grow.

Even though they worked for free,

In the mornings, they constantly looked like they needed a bottle of Ski.

Coley had hair as brown as chocolate, while,

Their eyes were like the ocean on a sunny day; with their smile warm a like fire.

All in all, they were extremely silly, happy, and always great to talk to,

Even if they barely grew. 

The author's comments:

Had to write a poem for english class about a friend, so I picked one of my good friends from camp! They thought this was really funny and loved it, and I figured you guys might too! <33

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