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September 5, 2022
By nevenkabollini BRONZE, Bothell, Washington
nevenkabollini BRONZE, Bothell, Washington
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fruit-stained roses swoon 

golden beams embrace stars 

sugared breezes soft as petals

bitter air creeps in

sinisterly dragging out innocent warmth

mourning doves shed rusted tears

ravens stitched with ghosts of haunting smiles

oceans of glass harden to ice

shards dripping with salted, dying snow

chills crawl up my spine

the sky once reflected every star

a black abyss stares back

devoid of heaven’s paint

i craved the sunset 

so i drank from the sky 

and blossomed into rutilant dust

the summer breeze cradles us

dandelions floating through sweet air

thriving in sun-flooded meadows

we are winged stars

when winter slithers in,

smothered by dark clouds,

roses suffocate and wither

in the cruel absence of sun and stars

roses swoon to death

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