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September 3, 2022
By Julietteeee_ DIAMOND, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Julietteeee_ DIAMOND, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game

Life is a challenge
There are twist and turns
There are obstacles
Walls that block our paths
We try to fight back
We think we can avoid those Twist
Or break threw that wall
But we are knocked back
To a worse place then we started
We try to go along with it
We make the turns
We climb the wall
But when we miss a turn and crash
Or there is bigger wall
We intend to lose hope
Some give up
Other submit to hatred
What we must do however
Is not give up
Or become agitated
But be patient
The twist and turns will straighten
And the wall will fall
And when the path is clear
We must push forward
And move along.

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