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July 29, 2022
By LotsOfChocolateCherries PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
LotsOfChocolateCherries PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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The wings of an angel

Who didn’t know she could fly.

You broke them before

She ever had the chance to

Lift off the ground.

What amazing things could she have done

If at such a young age

She wasn’t broken?

If she wasn’t told she was ugly?

If she was given a chance at friends?

If she was told that she could.

The smile of a girl

Who forgot how to feel joy.

Why must you steal everything precious?

Her beautiful eyes sparkle

Her smile lights up a room.

Her eyes haven’t sparkled in years.

In all the pictures she’s frowning.

Her once natural smile

Comes forced and strained

Like a lie on her face.

The creativity of an artist

Whose art was never seen

She made incredible things

She could do the impossible

Until her creativity was drained.

Sucked out of her

Like she was nothing.

Like her future was nothing.

She stares at a blank canvas

At a blank page

At a blank heart.

The love of a girl

Who hasn’t yet felt it.

Never had she felt a love

So deep that it physically makes her stronger

And she never will.

You broke her heart before she had the chance

To truly love.

Yet she still fantasizes

She doesn’t believe.

The dreams of a girl

Who can’t sleep

What must it be like

To always be awake?

And always have

A blank mind?

No hopes, no dreams, no feelings.

Just a black hole of pain.

She used to see dragons in the stars

Magic in the clouds.

Now the beautiful world 

Around her is only

Shades of gray

The beauty of a prom queen

Who hasn’t won the crown

She doesn’t think she will,

She sees no worth in herself

Nor in anything she does.

Just ugliness and imperfections.

Who made her blind?

Who took this formerly

Happy girl and took it all?

Everything she had was stolen.


The life of a girl

Who could’ve been so much more

If only she hadn’t been cut so deep.

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