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More than one

July 24, 2022
By LotsOfChocolateCherries PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
LotsOfChocolateCherries PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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Bullet through the heart

It killed her at the start

Falling to the floor

Life in her body no more

The shooters had fled

A teen girl is dead

Yet he bares no guilt
Even though her family can’t be rebuilt

Her mother cried so hard it hurt

Her father sobbed and tossed in a handful of dirt

Her friends couldn’t believe it

That someone would commit this

But when that bullet hit her chest
More than one life came to a rest

Her mother quit her job

Her father couldn’t stop the sobs

Launched into a state of grief

For all of eternity

And the world will now mourn

The children that would’ve been born

The family that she would’ve raised

If she hadn’t gone to school that day

That dreaded day, the act too cruel

All because some seniors wanted to feel cool

So they killed a whole family tree

And hurt someone who couldn’t flee

Her parents will never see grandchildren

The guilty will always continue to run

Her girlfriend never got to say goodbye

And all those tears will never dry

Yet the culprits will forever be unshaken

Even though more than one life was taken.

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