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July 3, 2022
By Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
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"Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin."

I know that I have made mistakes
There are prices I must pay
And I wish I hadn't been so selfish
Opened up and sucked it up
Made sure you were aware
On how fast and far I had been falling
Oh how the ripples move the water
As my hand reaches out into the air
Struggling to breathe
I wanted to tell you all my pain
But I couldn't form words
It was like all the letters and syllables
Faded away into ink
Ink that spreads into the water
Encasing me in it's grasp
And I try to see you and I shout
But my head was underwater
Oh I wish I hadn't had cracked lenses
When I looked around and cried
And blamed you for all the feelings
That were trapped inside
I wish I hadn't been so foolish
I wish I could've cleared my head
But the ink was in my lungs
In my blood
And I was no longer who I was
I never meant to lose you
You were everything to me
But I was blinded by the ink
Every time I scolded you, swore it wasn't my fault
It really was and has been
I could never admit it to myself
My cuddle bear, my lovely love of my life
I know that often we tend to fight
But whats love without a persistent reason to try
Glowing skin and eyes of white
You make me want to intertwine and interlock
My fingers against yours
In the midst of my own pain
I had been falling and falling deep
You saw and you knew but I pretended nothing happened
I was oblivious that you knew I was amongst a battle
In my head with my thoughts
Where the ink is injected into my brain
Overriding my systems
Planning my escape
You became the reason
I chose to fight
And I wish I had you like I did before
I wish you could've stayed mine
I understand our odds of success
Receded as we spelled out our thoughts
But I never really saw you as the one to give up
You're a fighter and I am too
Why didn't we fight for each other
Making a nuisance of myself
I didn't want to be the burden
A heavy weight for you to wear
I want you to be with me, holding you without care
I want to be able to brush a tear off your cheek and make you smile
Give you everything
Press my lips against yours and let myself melt on your flesh
I want to have you forever and maybe we could've been
But the ripples in the water
Ink on my brain
Made it impossible so I have myself to blame

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