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Open Your Door

June 9, 2022
By Warisha-213 SILVER, Karachi, Other
Warisha-213 SILVER, Karachi, Other
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Nock nock! Open your door, 

Someone's puzzled on your shore, 


Don't you have money neither sugar nor honey? 

It does not matter, he needs a shelter 


Don't you have home neither space nor room? 

It does not matter, he needs a sweater 


Don't you have needle neither chalk nor pencil? 

It does not matter, he wants to be healed he's ill 


Oh come on don't be shy, take a step, reach on high,

It does not matter, if you have nothing, 


Just use your mouth and your tongue, 

Since your words are healer and also pealer, 


Be some kind that others don't mind, 

By your words and your acts, 


Oh! Gentle man oh! Gentle man, 

Someone's puzzled just give hand, 


Nock nock! Open your door, 

Someone's puzzled on your shore

The author's comments:

This poetry is written to make my readers realize the value and ways of helping others. Not only we can help people my materialistic things but apart from it we can even contribute with our precious time, attention, dedication and words. 🌻 

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on Jun. 16 at 3:15 pm
AmeenaBakhtZada2025 PLATINUM, Karachi, Other
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Brilliant poetry my poet

on Jun. 16 at 1:50 pm
Syedakinza BRONZE, Karachi, Other
2 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Warisha mehar these words are good enough nice collection of words 👌👍
Great thoughts