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April 21, 2022
By Lydiaq ELITE, Somonauk, Illinois
Lydiaq ELITE, Somonauk, Illinois
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The universe must be a teenage girl. So much darkness, so many stars.


seems to spring

like water, a fountain long darkened

seeing the light after its long hiding. the water of

loneliness. Given to reflections and footsteps. the water

where all things echo, distorted. the water of you and me. we

are two fountains that flow separately, contained within ourselves.

we can never become one fountain instead of two.

The author's comments:

This is inspired by a song called "Fountain of Sorrow." Writing this poem in a centered type, its shape actually resembles water. The top, shortest lines are the "spout" coming from the "fountain," which is the last, longest lines.

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