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Rage is a Candle MAG

March 7, 2022
By ew_wet_socks BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
ew_wet_socks BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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A burst of flames lighten the quiet room

The closer you get the hotter it gets 

Hisses of sheathing gather in the corner

Consoling will leave a hardened shell

Let rage pour till the last bit of wic


Dripping wax spills continuously 

Smoke untouchable but one whiff tells all 

It rises and fills our mind, this room 

All you see are warm bright colors 

They dim and flatten 

Step closer and the wic is no more

Rage is a candle 

The author's comments:

This poem is about the process of anger from the beginning to the end where you've calmed down. 

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