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It occurred to me in a dream

March 3, 2022
By xarqirm PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
xarqirm PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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I want to stop.

(stop what?)

I want to leave.

(where would I go?)

I want to stay.

(why here?)

Do I want to protect you?

(or myself?)

I sit on the edge—

(of your bed?)

              No, mine.

                             And I wonder—

(is it worthwhile?)

              Your words twist in my mind.

                             And I wonder—

(am I what you say I am?)

                             And I wonder—

(am I confined to this house?)


(If your home caught on fire what three things would you take?)


                             would be at the top of my list

                                           (Self-preservation is out of question)


                             And I wonder—

(if you would berate me for that too.)



(the memory of you near drowning continues to gnaw;

I know it’s my fault)



I stare

out into the






day and I

cleared my mind

least I remember something I would regret

come morning

The author's comments:

It's about a nightmare I had after an arguement I had with my brother. Without context some parts don't make any sense, but that's OK.

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