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The Third Nightmare Relapse

February 26, 2022
By Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
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I keep having a relapse
A dream that just won't quit
God its all your fault
If you could have just left me out of it

Its like you smelled real bad
And I stood there too long
Didn't realize it was you
My throat creates a lump

I decide to drop you
But your stench sticks around
And it's getting in my head
But I'm used to it now

And I thought I was better
Thought I was fine
But now it's the third nightmare
The third time
It's getting awful heavy
And I'm trying not to let it
Get to me
But it's getting to me

The nightmare starts
In a school setting
You act so cute
So I'm forgetting
In my dream
But I'm thinking in the background
Don't go back to him
He'll mess you up

So I'm holding hands
With someone like him
I'm so disgusted in the background again

And he gets me somewhere private
Tells me I better be quiet
Or he'll do something worse

He unbuttons his jeans
His hands go on my hips
I'm pushing him away
Trying to break from his grip

He's stronger than me
I can't get loose
I'm crying out loud
Looking for someone to help

Scratching his arms
Tears trickle down my face
"Let me go!"
The words escape

Telling me that I'm being naughty
And that it'll cost me
Push me down and call me slurs
Pin me down by my wrists

I wriggle and wraggle
Screaming out my lungs
I cry and scream
But theres no one

He wins every night
He wins every fight
I can't get away every time

It's getting in my head
Making me feel weak
Inside my bones
My brittle body

Suddenly I'm so sure
I can't let myself be held down my a man
Who only thinks with the thing in his pants

What if this happens again?
What if I can't break from his clammy hands?
I feel so stressed out
I'm stuck in a trance

I swear if I have a fourth round
I'm going to lose my head
I can't take this constant insanity
I can't handle the cage that's locking me in

i need a key
I need a friend
I need to sleep in bed

But I can't if these nightmares keep occuring
It's the Third Nightmare Relapse
I won't do this again

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