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27,375 days

February 7, 2022
By n-r SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
n-r SILVER, Fairfax, Virginia
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27,375 days. 

The average lifespan of an individual.

We worry about taxes,

careers, professions.

But life is short.

Why not enjoy life?

Go and experience,

the sun kissed beaches of Sicily

The thunderous volcanoes

of Hawaii,

or the rocky islands of the South Pacific.

Regret is prevalent,

only in those who,

live miserably.

Wise ones,

are not always the smartest,

but those who,

have lived life with vivacity.

We don’t know,

how many days we have left.


your loved ones.

Tell them,

those three simple words,

I love you.

Do all the crazy things,

and make


that can never be,


On this floating rock,

there are almost

eight billion


On average,

one person meets ten thousand,

but explorers,

only they,

will try to meet

all eight billion.

The author's comments:

During the pandemic, there was so much loss which made me thankful for the life I had been given. I realized that the only way to live a vivacious life was living life to its fullest. I hope individuals reading this will gain the same motivation I attained a year ago.

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