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Bruises and Bullet Shells

October 13, 2021
By eve240042 GOLD, Papillion, Nebraska
eve240042 GOLD, Papillion, Nebraska
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I’m sitting on my bed, across from somebody

Their face is covered by tears,

The only light, the streetlights outside 

All I hear is music, 

The person cannot hear me

I look around me, the only thing there

Are holes in the walls

And suddenly, things start to make sense,

The room is coming alive, as is the person

They stare at me blankly, I am clearly not there

Their face is stained with tears, their eyes are bloodshot

Can they feel anything? 

I see the bruises on their forehead, they cannot feel

I look on their face for any emotion, but none is given

I look down at their pale, skinny arms

And I see their pain, the reason they cannot feel

As the bed gets warmer, the person gets colder

Their blood, pooling onto my legs,

And I then understand their pain, why they cannot feel,

And this person’s face becomes clearer as they fall into my lap.

The author's comments:

This is the one piece my teacher had a comment on, this one has suicidal ideolgies and imagery, so trigger warning on that part. This isn't one of my darker pieces, but this is one I rarely go back to.

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