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The Flamenco Dancer

September 16, 2021
By Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
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               The Flamenco Dancer 


   As all on its sides , the ruffles burst into 

   flames .

   The rings of fire, only she can dance through 

   The audience around her , quickened and 

   hot .                                                                 
   One upward glance, as she ignites her hair.

   In her dashing eyes , 

   The city of Spain can be seen , 

   Imprinted on her dress.

   The guitarist plays a sober tune, twirling 

   and twirling ......

   For the Bailaora's long arms , 

   Coiled into the posture of a rattlesnake.

   The cherry red dress of hers ,

   Flung out haughtily , 

   As an impetuous gesture .

   Her rhythmic feet stomping , 

   With her sandals aged from the Andalusian

   region .

   She suddenly paused , for the Bailaora

   finally reached the light .................





The author's comments:

I wrote this poem bearing in mind it's deep rooted connection to the Roma migrants from Rajasthan in India dating back to the 14th century . 

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