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August 20, 2021
By abigailn1 BRONZE, Bogalusa, Louisiana
abigailn1 BRONZE, Bogalusa, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Everyone has a part of themselves that they hide. Even from the ones they love most."

He's just a kid, his name is Freddie

Mom financially unsteady

Barely any food in his belly 

The way he's living it is deadly

The weight on his shoulders, it is heavy

He's ready to give up already

Instead he

Finds a way to make it work

Wants to cry but instead he smirks

Got a job as a gas station clerk

All his co-workers are jerks

To God, he begged

"please give me bread my mama getting sick and she needs some meds" 

He's on the edge

Has so much stress

There's no progress

He don't possess

The things he needs

He wasn't blessed

He's been reading a lot of MacArthur

and he's only getting smarter

Uses lyrics as an armor

Wants to grow to be a doctor

Mama was r*ped, they tried to harm her

He don't even know his father

So he grew without that figure

And it's only made him stronger

This is just to show that there's more to life

Than riding bikes or flying kites

you must realize

the pain you see in others eyes

it is a sign, that they need help

so don't ignore it 

put your head and heart toward it

report it

do everything you can to support him

the more people that help is more people that your helping

there's thousands of people out there just waiting for a blessing

so just start checking

just ask if they're okay

'cause the smallest little thing

could really make somebodies day 

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